The FANG Design team

John Hudson

Art Director FANG Graphic Design

John has 20 years experience in the graphic design industry as a consultant and small business manager and has worked across a wide range of projects for business, government, and not-for-profit organisations. He has worked extensively in solo roles as a designer and in larger ongoing projects in conjunction with communications and marketing specialists. John has extensive experience in print media production, including direct mail management. In recent years, he has branched into graphic design for new media including web sites, specialised layout for tablets and other mobile devices, and short video clips. John also has broad experience in brand development and campaign graphics.




Annette Vandermaat

Graphic Designer FANG Graphic Design

Annette is a professional graphic designer and website manager who has a flair for simple and appealing design that has been applied to a wide range of mediums, from brochures and flyers, through to annual reports and larger publications. She has also been behind the development of many successful logos and brand packages. Annette has just over 20 years experience working for small business, the sugarcane industry and government bodies and has worked on small through to large-scale communications projects.




Julie Lloyd

Communications Expert FANG Graphic Design

Julie is a qualified public relations expert, writer and editor. Julie completed her Business Communications degree at QUT Brisbane and has 20 years experience in working for agricultural organisations, science and education institutions and small business groups to inform their relevant audiences. Julie has considerable experience in drawing together and transforming varied content, from simple through to technical information, for print and electronic mediums including websites and blogs. Julie also has broad experience working on a range of creative communications projects most recently the production of a collection of YouTube videos for the University of Queensland.