The Formula for Successful Online Marketing:

Well, unfortunately there is no one simple formula. However if one existed it might read something like this:

80% Research + Another 10% Research to the power of Attractive Professional Presentation and Easy Navigation.

Plus Maybe a bit more research.

OK fair enough, that's nothing Stephen Hawkins is going to put his name to, but you get the point. There's no startling revelations here, traditional marketing employs the same principles. It's all about research and understanding your audience.


What are they looking for? What key words and phrases do they use when they search . How does your opposition present? What are you hoping to achieve. Nobody knows your business like you do! You just need to collaborate with the right people to present your vision on-line.


Suffice to say, collaboration is a key word in the process.


So regardless of whether you have a marketing plan or are still developing one, FANG Graphic Design can partner with you to create a highly effective, highly measurable, online presence.


Our aim is to provide a hassle free solution for busy people that simply don't have the time or resources to maintain or update their site constantly. Our web hosting packages include a monthly time allowance for us to carry out your instructions and free you to do what you do best - run your business.